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Flashback: NEC MobilePro 880

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Posted 16 years ago | Reviews | Chris Tilley 7 comments

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Julio Ortiz has always had a soft spot for H/PC Professional, an early adopter and a hp fan, after all these years it seemed sensible to try something new. As a H/PC pundit and a writer, Julio needs something a little more scalable from his Handheld's. So after much deliberation the venerable NEC MobilePro 880 sub-notebook Handheld PC seemed like it fit the bill, but after nearly a decade can such a device really be all that useful?

In the latest HPC:Factor flashback review, where a legacy device is reviewed through modern eyes, Julio explores the merits of the NEC MobilePro 880 from a writers context and finds out if it offers value for money on the second hand market.

Read: Flashback: NEC MobilePro 880
Posted on 18 August 2008 at 16:16By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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Hurricane John's Avatar Hurricane John 19 August 2008 12:03:11 PM

I really enjoyed your review of the 880 and I've often wondered why NEC never made use of the on-screen soft keys with any of it's other models in the MobilePro line? Although the MIPS and SH3 processors are old dogs, it's suprising how many useful commercial software packages were available for those processors....but I digress!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
Hurricane John's Avatar Hurricane John 19 August 2008 3:47:57 PM

Wonderful artwork on the Flashback:NEC Mobilepro 880 banner......definitely an eye catcher.
JulioAngelOrtiz's Avatar JulioAngelOrtiz 21 August 2008 12:11:45 AM
Thanks John for the comments! :-) The 880 may have been the right size for using the soft keys. I think of the old IBM z50 and how the screen looked muted by how they used the space. The 880 is sort of a shame, as it was the right direction for Windows CE devices (IMHO), as evidenced by the current fad with "Netbooks," and which died too soon.
RJ99's Avatar RJ99 13 September 2008 2:11:56 PM
I loved this unit - super screen & keyboard ... sadly I left it unplugged for three weeks at which point the battery was dead & unresurrectable & I eventually gave up trying to get a replacement ... for my needs, a better form factor to the 790/900 lines.
Half-Saint's Avatar Half-Saint 22 September 2008 5:53:52 AM
Too bad they never made a MobilePro 990c :)
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 22 September 2008 1:45:15 PM
- as in a CE 4.2 .net NEC H/PC with a 800x600 display? I like that idea.
Half-Saint's Avatar Half-Saint 30 September 2008 2:42:33 AM
Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind :D
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