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Contec FlexLAN DS110 802.11b

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Posted 16 years ago | Reviews | Chris Tilley 2 comments

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You don't tend to hear much about the 'invisible' side of things, but every so often when you do you can usually rest assured that a madman isn't too far behind; and so when Rich Hawley said he had a great review of an invisible wireless adapter, we certainly didn't doubt it!

If you are in the market for a new wireless card, or perhaps are fed up of having to remove your existing card to get your beloved H/PC into its tightly formed leather case then join Rich as he has a look at the (almost) invisible Contec FlexLAN DS110 WiFi adapter.

Read: Contec FlexLAN DS110 802.11b
Posted on 12 October 2008 at 14:26By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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CAuser's Avatar CAuser 12 October 2008 7:11:06 PM
Wonderful review!

I just have 1 comment on how to save battery while the card sits inside NEC MobilePro 900C as an 'internal' WiFi.

For NEC stock ROM, soft reset will allow you to power the card using the battery or not.

For custom ROM Cmonex v2, you need to edit an entry in the registry to enable this option using PHM Regedit under Utilities:
"NoBatteryCheck"=dword:00000001 -> change this to 0.

Thanks to cmonex for this hint!

Jake's Avatar Jake 13 October 2008 11:09:52 AM

Very cool. First piece of HPC hardware I've seen in years that makes me want to hit ebay.

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