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SpreadCE 2.03 Released

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Posted 14 years ago | News | John Ottini 2 comments

Bye Design LTD has released a new vesion of it's popular Windows CE spreadsheet software - SpreadCE.

This latest version includes the following improvements:

  • Several bug fixes.
  • Now allows fixed decimal places up to 30.
  • CSV load now handles items of any length and speeded up CSV save.
  • Tab key now skips locked cells on protected sheets.
  • Allows more rows/column when selecting sort keys.
  • Improved support for very large xls files, date parsing and Goal Seek routine.
  • Increased size of Data > Form dialog box.
  • Allows for longer text strings in Find/Replace dialog box.
  • Added support for Shift+Page Up/Down, Alt+Page Up/Down, Ctrl+insert for copy, Shift+insert for paste.
  • Handles UNC hyperlinks.
  • Support Paste Special from system clipboard.
  • Added Entry assistant toolbar
  • Added Paste Special > Transpose option.
  • Added GET.WORKBOOK function & GET.WORKSPACE function.
  • Added Romanian version.
  • Fixed some menu option translations in Brazilian Portuguese version.

  • NOTE: (Some SH3/4 versions are still at level 1.20)

    SpreadCE 2.03 is available for almost all Handheld PC processors and Operating Systems. The software is also available in multiple languages.

    The Shareware version is free and not time-limited, if you like what you see, please register the software, so Bye Design LTD can continue to provide us with this product in the future.

    View: Bye Design LTD
    Posted on 14 April 2009 at 09:57By John Ottini (Hurricane John)

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    rumen_s's Avatar rumen_s 16 April 2009 9:59:39 AM
    Thanks for support of HPCs!
    vintagehandhelds's Avatar vintagehandhelds 20 April 2009 9:35:37 AM
    great program...much better than PE....I don't understand what a 'macro sheet is though!
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