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Posted 15 years ago | Announcement | Chris Tilley 2 comments

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Just how many Handheld PC devices remain in use out there? Who has the most devices? What is the most popular device? What is the most obscure?

Interesting questions, but questions that are not easy to answer through traditional means such as the forum. It got us thinking however, and as such we have decided to pilot a new site service that is designed to try and help us to answer some of those questions.

The initial version of HPC:Factor's "Handheld PC Census" is designed to test the community response to us collecting information on your devices. We are bundling the service as a member server for all registered forum members to provide us with details of their general Handheld PC hardware as per the established devices outlined in the HPC:Factor Devices & Specification system.

At the current time, registered users can add their devices via their forum control panel "your Settings", and the system will automatically generate a device list on the member profile page. This information will help us to gather initial information on device quantity; however, we are very interested in hearing your views as to whether we should seek to collect more information through this service.

For example, we could collect serial numbers to provide members with a 'security repository' in the event of theft, we could collect information on what you paid for each device so as to help generate average device prices or we could collect local information to gain a picture of the international device use of the different hardware.
Let us know what you think in the discussion, and in the mean time log-in and head to "Your Settings" in the forum to tell us about your Handheld PC collection.

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Posted on 01 May 2009 at 17:36By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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takwu's Avatar takwu 18 May 2009 5:12:50 PM
Interesting idea.

Although when I read "Census" I was under the impression that this is a periodic thing.

I could put my collection in my user profile, but you can't tell if those devices are in storage or actively used. A periodic system would be more meaningful.

Maybe you can generate a questionaire and distribute it to participating members every quarter or something, to find out which HPCs are used and how often.
pouncy's Avatar pouncy 30 July 2009 2:19:28 PM
I had the GL Phenom then I migrated to the Jornada 680 (which I am keeping) and soon will get the 728 and will continue to use. One of those two I will use with Linux OS, and the other will stay as PocketPC. I dont intend to give up on them for a LONG time. I just hope that Linux application and support doesnt leave the PocketPC anytime soon.
I have even used the Jornada for my educational Sociology work using the excel to create docs later ported to SPSS for statistical purposes.
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