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Posted 14 years ago | Community | Chris Tilley 11 comments

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There seems to be a jinx which has cursed HPC:Factor that we have a year of stability and a year of total anarchy. After a year of stability in 2009, it's no surprise then that for our alternate yearly hex we've started 2010 with a fairly long outage.

Since March 2003, HPC:Factor has lived in sunny Florida under the watchful eye of John Rubier in a significantly subsidised hosting arrangement. At the beginning of the Autumn of last year we heard the unfortunate news that our data centre would be closing down around Q2 2010 and that we would have to move.

We were not expecting to have to tackle this problem until March time and I was planning on announcing the move, talking to the community and seeing what the consensus would be over what we should do next.

Unfortunately on Friday 22nd January a network reconfiguration at the data centre pulled our network connectivity and that was the end of that.

John Rubier has been burning the midnight oil, and has been able to get some administrative access up and running, however I didn't want him to waste time reconfiguring everything and hacking together a working version of the site in the full knowledge that we'll be doing it all again in a few weeks time. To that end I asked him to stop once we had administrative access to the servers and I spent 72 hours reconfiguring, rewriting and upgrading the site.

By the time you read this message, HPC:Factor will be in the UK on two servers and unfortunately a fairly uncertain future. Quite simply I don't have access to an OC line and there are limits on how far I can push this already overloaded line.

The changes that I quickly made to the back-end code and the interface on the site in September, although unpopular in some circles were engineered because of the expectation that something like this may happen. The rollout of HPC:Factor v2.5 was such that it eliminated well over 4.5 million server transactions in a monthly log cycle, saving bandwidth and CPU time.

The forced migration has also meant that we can move up to IIS 6, which supports fully dynamic GZip and Deflate compression and I have also migrated the database system from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008. The site is now ASP .net 3.5 enabled which provides a wider range of processing options over standard ASP 3.0.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone as a result of the outage and hope that you will bare with us while we and the site adjust to the changes.
Posted on 31 January 2010 at 16:57By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

Comments on this article

CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 01 February 2010 8:37:46 PM
Under the circumstances, perhaps we should say it a la "Poltergeist": "We're baaaaack!" :p

The big crashes seem to come every three years - remember the Great Crash of January and February 2007?

It's nice to be back, but it sounds like we'll need help from our members to figure out what our options are in terms of a long-term solution to keep the site going. Maybe some of you folks out there with some technical knowledge have ideas. It's not time to quit, folks - with the new crop of CE netbooks, I think we're starting to become relevant again to a larger community.

gere's Avatar gere 01 February 2010 9:50:52 PM
Really glad we are back up---and I wish to thank you very much, C:Amie, for all the time and effort you put in for us! I know I can speak for everyone when I say we appreciate it.

PDXMark's Avatar PDXMark 01 February 2010 11:14:07 PM
It's good to see Factor again! I didn't realize how much I enjoyed checking in every day until I couldn't.

Thanks for all the hard work, C:Amie et al! Hopefully a solution can be found that will allow the site to continue.
nicmalone's Avatar nicmalone 02 February 2010 7:19:25 AM
Don't go!!! Hope you find a long term solution. I need my HPC fix and this is the best place to get it.
raul's Avatar raul 02 February 2010 10:14:44 AM
I'm so happy hpcfactor.com is back :)
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 02 February 2010 10:29:56 AM
- proving once again what we keep saying here: "HPC:Factor - it's not a myth, it's a fact." :D
Jake's Avatar Jake 02 February 2010 12:12:56 PM
Yaaay! Must've been a huge, unnerving pain for you all, and I'm so glad you figured a way back to online.

C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 02 February 2010 12:21:00 PM
The thought of seeing all your smiling faces again was enough to keep me going through those lonely nights

... and then everything went wrong and I was lonely without you lol.

It is good to be back, but we will have to see what the load, performance and bandwidth utilisation are for the site now. We don't have the resources at our disposal and a new server is now going to be required for which I think I will have to ask for community contributions.

That's a discussion for after a few days worth of log capture though.

Also please note: Forum registration and e-mail alerts are out.
pinkk's Avatar pinkk 02 February 2010 3:19:30 PM
Glad your back, I agree with above.... need my factor fix.
mewiedman's Avatar mewiedman 02 February 2010 10:59:48 PM
Thank all of you for your hard work to bring the site back! I really appreciate it.
cmonex's Avatar cmonex 07 February 2010 2:24:27 AM
glad you got hpcfactor back!

just let us know if the contributions are needed.
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