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UsedHandhelds & the Intermec 720

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Posted 14 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 5 comments

UsedHandhelds.com Logo
UsedHandhelds.com has acquired 150 Intermec 720 barcode scanners/Pocket PCs (mono chrome) in 'great' and 'like-new' conditions.

The devices are being sold for in lots of four for $400 USD per lot, with batteries, stylus, a 4-slot docking cradle/charger, AC adapter (for the docking cradle), and car chargers.
You can also purchase individual units for $105 per unit, with battery, stylus, and car charger. They come with a CF card, which contains the Intermec software.

If you’d like to order before they’re offered on their site, please email Thaddeus Goldstein at thaddeusg@thaddeus.com, or call 641-472-6330.

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Posted on 20 June 2010 at 20:41By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 21 June 2010 5:36:07 AM
For us H/PC diehards, it sounds weird to put "Intermec" and "720" together. Makes me wonder if there's a Jornada 6651 out there somewhere.

That said, I'd like to see a pic of one of these. Wonder if it's like the Symbol 2700/2800 series units I've sneaked peeks at on eBay.
hmascience's Avatar hmascience 22 June 2010 1:16:32 AM
Sounds nice. but not my cup of tea any more. See http://www.intermec.ca/support/manuals/search.aspx?productnodeid=CM... for a peek. It looks like a longer PDA, presumably armored or otherwise protected for industrial usage? And its "only" 7 years old :)
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 22 June 2010 8:43:29 AM
That's darn new to us H/PC folks - remember some of us here are still playing with 14-year-old devices.
rlw's Avatar rlw 28 June 2010 6:43:33 PM
Thaddeus was kind enough to send me an eval unit in excellent condition -- no scratches on the display, scanner works (I scanned a barcode off a pack of cigarettes), and comes (in single lots) with a 12V car charging cable. Unfortunately, the radio in this unit is a CELL radio, not an 802.11 WiFi radio. Intermec tech support tells me that this particular model has no option for 802.11. That's a shame.

If UsedHandHelds happens to get a batch of Intermec 710s in, we'll buy some. That model DOES support 802.11.

Thanks, Thaddeus! I hope we can do some business in the future!

mahmood's Avatar mahmood 04 July 2010 9:40:11 PM
this is the better
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