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nPOPuk 2.16 released

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Posted 12 years ago | News | Chris Tilley4 comments

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nPOPuk continues to get new features; this version has a preview pane, the ability to sort by subject ignoring Re: and Fwd, and the ability to set download options per-account. The usual platforms are supported, going back to WinCE 2.0; the WinCE3/HPC2000 version should run on your WinCE6 netbook. Win32 users can change the toolbar buttons and icons.

With thanks to gjcoram for the article

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Posted on 18 December 2010 at 14:05By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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takwu's Avatar takwu 27 December 2010 9:38:33 AM
Interesting. True client apps like nPOP and FTP clients are the forebears of today's http-based cloud computing trend.

It's nice to see nPOPuk keeps getting updated. Although I can no longer use POP clients since switching to Hotmail.
gjcoram's Avatar gjcoram 30 December 2010 11:44:37 PM
> Although I can no longer use POP clients since switching to Hotmail.

Why not? I use nPOPuk with my hotmail account. There's even an internet setup template for hotmail on the downloads page.
gjcoram's Avatar gjcoram 01 January 2011 6:20:58 PM
Interesting ... I just found on the original Nakka/nPOP web site that there is now an nPOP for iPhone. I wonder how compatible it is.
HPC:Fan's Avatar HPC:Fan 26 April 2011 2:30:24 AM
I LOVE nPOPuk. I can now finally use my MP900 to check my email. :) Strongly recommend this program for anyone who reads their email on the go.
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