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Why a Task Manager?

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Posted 11 years ago | Editorial | Chris Tilley 1 comment

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Why indeed?

The venerable task manager is something that we all take for granted and have done since the days of NT3 on Windows. Be it the latest retina burning incarnation under Windows 8.1 or the humble and much familiar design of previous versions. The task manager is always there to let you kill off that misbehaving process in your hour of need.

Task managers also do other things, often bringing together features from Task Managers, Task Launchers and Task Switchers in differing combinations in order to service the user with a much needed feature.

Microsoft never graced Windows CE with a task manager despite its Windows lineage. Over the years many have tried to emulate the classic NT task manager for the CE platform, while others have tried to build task management features into wider concepts or tool sets.

Rich Hawley gives an overview of your Task Management options for Windows CE in this latest Editorial.

As ever, let us know what you think and what you use in the comments.

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Posted on 19 October 2013 at 14:22By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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Duckworth's Avatar Duckworth 02 February 2014 11:08:34 PM
It's too bad the Task Manager application is so insanely expensive. Not really worth it to me
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