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What is your mobile device daily driver for 2021?

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Posted 3 years ago | Community | Chris Tilley 14 comments

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We all know it. It's written all over your worn out thumb! You've been moonlighting on Windows CE, haven't you?

It's OK, it's 2021 and there's about as much chance of a Windows CE device being able to supply you with your pandemic Netflix hit as there is Hewlett Packard announcing a new Jornada Clamshell during this year. So fess up, cleanse your soul by participating in the new homepage poll where we ask you to tell us what you are currently using for your daily driver mobile device as it stands right now.

We leave it up to you to define what a Daily Driver is as is most relevant to you, but vote in the home page poll and then let us know here in the comments exactly what device(s) you are using, what operating system they are running and what you are using them for.

Posted on 06 February 2021 at 20:03By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 06 February 2021 8:09:46 PM
I'm on Android, a Samsung Galaxy S10e that got updated to Android 11 yesterday (as it happens).

What do I use it for? As little as humanly possible! Aside from disabling everything I can (Facebook, Chrome etc) there is very little on it. Phone, email, OneNote, Edge, Skype, Banking, LastPass and Google Pay.

I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 10 via Lineage OS 17.1 with a 4th February 2021 build on it that has a free SIM in it that I give out to people who I don't want to have my mobile number :laugh: .
roychanyl's Avatar roychanyl 07 February 2021 4:33:53 PM
I am using A Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.7 with S-pen(Lollipop). Used it mainly for my comics and educational book compilations, Running Medibang Paint, PS Touch, Photo Editor on the tablet allows me to expedite most of my publishing works, especially due to the need to draw a lot, yes a lot, of illustrations. I have the tablet rooted, and stripped of most of the G apps, and no social media at all.
My data connection to the web is only installed on another earlier 3G Samsung Note 8.0 running KitKat. I prefer to connect with people using voice calls and sms on a Motorola Droid 4 (ICS flavour).
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 07 February 2021 7:51:51 PM
You keep KitKat on it? That sounds risky! Can't you Lineage OS it to something newer?
yeek's Avatar yeek 07 February 2021 9:08:36 PM
Mobile device? Lightphone 2. It runs lightphone’s launcher on top of a de-googled android application layer that’s inaccessible without a soft-mod. Just as well, I don’t imagine many normal android apps would be very user-friendly on the e-ink screen. The only things it can do are text, call, podcast, calculator, alarm, and be a WiFi hotspot, and as it would happen those are the things I use it for.
roychanyl's Avatar roychanyl 08 February 2021 3:26:58 AM
Hi C: Amie, thanks for your concern… I did have the rom downloaded and went thru quite some posts, various comments suggested the wifi and GPS doesn't work, not that i need to use those functions, but am still waiting to read more on the lineage os 14.1 before jumping in.
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 08 February 2021 12:26:27 PM
Roy, I guess that means there isn't an officially maintained build on XDA Lineage's site or XDA dev's then? You'd think that someone would have a working version that was newer than KitKat, even if it was Android 7!
PDXMark's Avatar PDXMark 10 February 2021 5:52:12 PM
I just upgraded from a Galaxy S9 to the S21 (base model). I wasn't planning to make a change, but T-mobile was offering an $800 credit for the S9, so it made the S21 free. It's a tiny bit bigger, with a better battery and faster processor. I'm happy so far. ??
robertojones's Avatar robertojones 19 February 2021 9:02:29 PM
Mine's Android, but a weird one - a Blackberry Key2, for all its flaws (and the fact that it's now basically orphaned) I have a genuine affection for it, the first phone in a long time I've felt any real attachment to. The capacitative keyboard is a great little touch, I wonder if that technology could be scaled up?
Jake's Avatar Jake 20 February 2021 9:27:59 PM
While my repaired Cosmo Communicator slowly wanders back from London, I've dug out my Blackberry Priv. While its un-upgradeable Marshmallow is quite laggy, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed its sleek form factor and relatively usable pkb.

roychanyl's Avatar roychanyl 14 May 2021 7:47:29 AM
Thanks to C:Amie's advice, I've finally upgraded my 3G Samsung Note 8.0 to Lineage OS14.1 Nougat. It sure is running faster and snappier with better power consumption, and most importantly, minus the risk going online. Due to the old Motorola droid retiring, I had to get a new handset, a Samsung A02 for basic communications. I just use it for Whatsapping with a handful of clients and voice calls and nothing else. My emails and web-surfing needs are still on the Samsung Note 8.0 running Opera.
joval's Avatar joval 15 May 2021 4:43:27 PM
I voted WinCE (Jornada720 +Devuan OS "extension") because I am defining Daily Driver as the device I spend the most time with writing posts online . To call it WinCE may be "Fake News" but that is what boots up first. Requirements: 1) has a keyboard 2) has full online access to secure sites 3) sits comfortably on my knees (ya want a cookie, little one ??) for hours while watching the big screen TV, or with coffee staring out the window daydreaming. To prove my point, try to find anything I have posted on HPCFactor that hasn't rambled on with endless drivel that keeps droning on and on!!!
ax0n's Avatar ax0n 07 June 2021 8:11:51 PM
I use my smallish Gen 8 ThinkPad X1 Carbon the very same way I used my HP 300LX and my Jornada 720 when I was using those daily: light-weight web browsing, listening to music, writing email, taking notes, making and checking-off to-do lists and journaling about my projects. It runs OpenBSD most of the time, dual-booting Windows 10 (Win Insider Developer Track) when I need it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra 5G for "quick look something up" duty and on the occasion I must answer a phone call.
Mobi's Avatar Mobi 27 August 2021 3:38:39 PM
Part of the year it's been the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and part of the year a BlackBerry Passport SE. It depends whether I want screen size or pocketability. Right now, it's the Bold.
ken680428's Avatar ken680428 08 November 2021 4:20:32 PM
Mine is a Compaq C140 4MB Windows CE 2.0 HPC which I use to to hold all my scheduled appointments, daily notes, passwords and birthdays. I have a 512MB PCMCIA flash memory card in it for main offline storage. As well as another 128MB and a 1GB Flash storage cards. I also carry a PCMCIA 56K Modem in a handy storage case that carries it all together. On the side I have a USB Card reader for the CF Cards and the original serial cable as well. On the lookout for a Dock and AC Adapter set as well.
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