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Windows Media Player 10 & the H/PC

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Posted 17 years ago | Editorial | 0 comments | Author: Chris Tilley

Using the Windows Media Player for Handheld PC Pro and HPC2000 has been decidedly difficult since Microsoft Released Windows XP and Windows Media 8.
As Microsoft moved towards USB devices and updating the Pocket PC with new players the Handheld PC was left behind with the 1.2 release.

Later this year Microsoft will release the latest line of Media Technologies - Windows Media 10. Together with new encoding tools a new Player will emerge, and we've no doubt become the defacto standard on Windows desktops around the world.
But what does this new player have in store for Handheld PC users? Does it even work at all? We jump into the new player and find out what makes it tick.

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Windows Media Player 10
Posted on 08 July 2004 at 00:00

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