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Support: Microsoft Virtual PC x86 Images for Windows CE

Posted 12 years ago | Post Type: Support | 0 comments | Author: C:Amie

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As a proof of concept, this evening we have released to the CESD a set of bootable Windows CE Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server images.

The virtual machine image files and scripting have been generated by HPC:Factor are designed to demonstrate Windows CE running as a stand-alone operating system on generic x86 hardware, the hardware that is almost certainly behind the PC you are using right now (older generation Mac users accepted).

The images are free to download and use under the Microsoft Windows CE Platform application, testing and development EULA. In order to make use of the images, users will require an x86 based PC, with either Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 SP1 or Virtual Server 2005 / 2005 R2.

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x86 Windows CE bootable VHD images
Submitted: 23/09/2006 1:38:52 PM


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