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<!DOCTYPE div [<!ENTITY Aacute '&#193;'><!ENTITY aring '&#229;'><!ENTITY copy '&#169;'><!ENTITY curren '&#164;'><!ENTITY deg '&#176;'><!ENTITY divide '&#247;'><!ENTITY eacute '&#233;'><!ENTITY Eacute '&#201;'><!ENTITY Egrave '&#232;'><!ENTITY ETH '&#208;'><!ENTITY euro '&#8364;'><!ENTITY frac12 '&#189;'><!ENTITY frac34 '&#190;'><!ENTITY hellip '&#8230;'><!ENTITY laquo '&#171;'><!ENTITY ldquo '&#8220;'><!ENTITY lsquo '&#8216;'><!ENTITY micro '&#181;'><!ENTITY middot '&#183;'><!ENTITY nbsp '&#160;'><!ENTITY ndash '&#8211;'><!ENTITY plusmn '&#177;'><!ENTITY pound '&#163;'><!ENTITY raquo '&#187;'><!ENTITY rdquo '&#8221;'><!ENTITY reg '&#174;'><!ENTITY rsquo '&#8217;'><!ENTITY sect '&#167;'><!ENTITY times '&#215;'><!ENTITY trade '&#8482;'><!ENTITY yen '&#165;'>]><div>We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of some new features here on the site this evening; bundled together under the name HPC:Factor Central.<UL><LI>Hardware Compatibility List v4.0 <LI>Handheld PC Community Directory v1.0 <LI>Handheld PC Devices & Specification v2.0 <LI>Support Toolkit v1.0</LI></UL><B>Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) v4.0</B> If there was a single thing which has heralded the success of HPC:Factor over the years, it has been the HCL. Since becoming fully automated, the device listing has grown to over 600, and continues to received new submissions on a daily basis. HCL v4.0 continues to extend upon the best traditions of what the HCL does, while adding greater flexibility and functionality. <B>View:</B> <A href="">Hardware Compatibility List v4.0</A> <B>Handheld PC Community Directory v1.0</B> HPC:Factor isn't the community, it's part of one! There are a lot of websites & resources out there with information on the Handheld PC, and the Directory is our way of creating a central repository for them, as well as providing data support for the HCL amongst other systems. Any registered H/PC Community Forums member can submit in links, with the opportunity to make requests for new categories while doing so, so if you know of any good Handheld PC resources please spend a few moments letting us know. <B>View:</B> <A href="">Handheld PC Community Directory v1.0</A> <B>Handheld PC Devices & Specification v2.0</B> A natural and much requested evolution of its predecessor the Handheld PC Device Listing, Devices & Specifications does exactly what it says on the tin. You can compare specification information in detail for up to three devices using the provided forms, or view 'at a glance' overviews of the devices which make up one of the three device classes covered here on the site - Clamshell, Sub-notebook and Tablet PC. <B>View:</B> <A href="">Handheld PC Devices & Specification v2.0</A> <B>Support Toolkit v1.0</B> The STK is the beginning of something a little creative. Web applications can be fairly straightforward to make, and so we thought it would be good to create a repository of tools that could be useful to users of the site. <B>View:</B> <A href="">Support Toolkit v1.0</A> <strong>View:</strong> <a href="/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=7641&posts=1">More Information</a></div>