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News: Environmental Sensor Data logging on the HPC

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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions are a company specialising in advanced atmospheric & environmental sensor solutions for PDA platforms. Including the HPC. GrayWolf provide both hardware & software solutions for the detection and recording of scientific data right in the palm of your hand(held).

GrayWolf's products may be of interest to a wide spectrum of Handheld PC users from corporate maintenance, government and environmental agencies, scientific research institutes and education.

Their sensor range includes devices for detecting: Indoor air quality

  • Indoor air quality

  • Toxic Gas

  • Airspeed

  • Relative Humidity

  • Particulates

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Ammonia Gas

  • & many more

As well as hardware devices, fully customisable, comprehensive data logging software is available for the collection, storage and analysis of the sensor data, along with a novel set of CAD/CAM integration features. GrayWolf also have new sensor devices and updated software in the pipe-line.

The Handheld PC is the perfect device for collecting in the field scientific data due to its instant-on capabilities and the significant battery performance improvements offered over conventional laptop computers.

GrayWolf have offices in the USA and the Republic of Ireland.

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GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
Submitted: 04/07/2003 10:00:00 AM


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