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Bye Design Ltd SpreadCE 2.02

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Posted 13 years ago | Reviews | 0 comments | Author: Chris Tilley

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In the beginning there was Windows CE 1.0... but that was quickly replaced with Windows CE 2.0, then subsequently H/PC Professional, but for all of these transitions - not a whole lot changed inside Pocket Office.

So before way back then, long before anyone had even heard the name "SoftMaker", one company took it upon themselves to change the way that we did spreadsheets on Windows CE; and that company was Bye Design Ltd.

SpreadCE was refreshed as recently as last October, and remains under development - offering a far broader set of mathematical capabilities over Pocket Excel and most significantly offers charting abilities - in a much lighter, much cheaper footprint compared to its rivals.

John Ottini delved into the numbers and tabulates his thoughts on the latest release of this H/PC Classic.

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Bye Design Ltd SpreadCE 2.02
Posted on 16 March 2008 at 15:30

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