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News: A3VS DVD Catalyst 50% off offer

Posted 10 years ago | News | 4 comments | Author: C:Amie

DVD Catalyst Logo
A3VS's flagship DVD and Video conversion application DVD Catalyst 3 offers the user an integrated, single interface to convert DVDs and almost any existing PC/Mac video file into a format optimised for the memory and processor requirements of mobile devices.

For a limited time, A3VS are offering DVD Catalyst 3.77.1 for $9.95 (USD) a 50% reduction on the list price, an offer that continues to be backed by their unrivalled 7-day unrestricted trial period.

DVD Catalyst 3 comes with unrestricted profiles for a multitude of past and current mobile devices including PDA's, PNA's, cell phones, portable games devices, portable music players and of course the Handheld PC.

For Handheld PC users, the program includes the unique "Screen Rating" capability which can be used to generate optimised video to meet your H/PC's technical capabilities.

DVD Catalyst 3.77.1 can be purchased securely from the A3VS website.

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A3VS DVD Catalyst
Posted on 03/05/2009 7:53:56 AM

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There are 4 comments for this news item

CE Geek 03 May 2009 8:34:02 PM
A brief description of new and/or improved features over previous versions would be nice, since I couldn't find such a description on the DVD Catalyst page.
Jake 06 May 2009 2:22:35 PM
I've just installed version 3.77, and it's extraordinary. Now it will make movie files that are sized for netbook screens, including my beloved eee 900. There are endless tweaks and a great sound boost for those who will view their films on noisy airplanes. I can't recommend this program enough.

PocketDVD 10 May 2009 3:29:31 PM
I am glad you are happy with it, Jake. Thank you.
As for a change log, it's hard to keep this fully updated, because numerous changes under the hood happen all the time, however, here are some of the major changes:

* with 3.77, many DVDs that previously had issues were made to work. Some major titles such as Hancock for example. In previous versions, these DVDs froze during the detection, but this has been fixed.
* New device profiles have been added, including eeePC, Blackberry and various smartphones
* In "Global Settings" a device-list has been added, containing all the included devices
C:Amie 10 May 2009 3:46:13 PM
Thanks for letting us know, it is always useful to know the changelog I think. Keep up the good work!
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