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Changes to the forums support section

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Posted 10 years ago | Community | 0 comments | Author: Chris Tilley

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The HPC:Factor team decided overnight that we should make some small changes to the structure of the support category on the forums here on HPC:Factor.

As of this morning the combined Windows CE .net 4.x and Windows CE 5.0 forum is no more, with CE 5.0 content having been moved out into its own support forum.

In addition to this, we have added a new Windows Embedded CE (WECE) 6.0 forum under the support category to handle specific questions regarding the new generation of CE 6.0 based netbooks.

The ever vigilent CE Geek and Rich Hawley are present to ensure that any stray posting gets put into the right place, but please try and find the correct CE 4, 5 or 6 forum before posting.

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Posted on 02 April 2010 at 12:26

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