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Posted 9 months ago | Community | 1 comment | Author: Chris Tilley

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It's a new year in the Handheld PC community, so what better way to kick of the new decade than with a new home page poll here on HPC:Factor!

In the new poll, we are asking you which version of Windows CE you think was the best? This can of course be the core Windows CE version itself, or the associated platform release (H/PC 2.0 for Windows CE 2.0, H/PC Pro for Windows CE 2.11 and HPC2000 for Windows CE 3.0).

Let us know what you thought the best version of Windows CE was by voting in the poll, and then let us know your reasons for the choice here in the comments!

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Posted on 03 January 2020 at 11:42

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HPC:Fan's Avatar HPC:Fan 19 March 2020 8:57:16 PM
I've always been a fan of WinCE 2.11.
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