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PocketDVD Competition winners!!!!

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Posted 19 years ago | EXCLUSIVE | Chris Tilley 0 comments

It is a little later than we anticipated on announcing the winners of the PocketDVD competition which we ran earlier in the month, however we think that it will be worth the wait.

The view of a new horizon offered by PocketDVD certainly inspired many of you to think about what made people exclaim "Wow!" when they see you using your PDA. We had entries from across the H/PC community and beyond discussing diverse and varied 'wow factors' from business tasks, to entertainment and examples of sheer geekdom.

"When I demonstrate to fellow grad students and friends that I have 550+ authors, with apr. 3000 eooks, on myHPC, invariably I get a WOW!
Classics, current novelists, literature, thrillers, sci-fi, nonfiction (hundreds of histories)--in all the major formats...plus, while reading an afternoon away at my favorite bookstore/coffeeshop/wi-fi hotspot, I can stream music via shoutcast! or play mp3s from internal memory...all with cappucino in hand! Having the ability to put DVD content onboard will be all that much cooler!" - William Sullivan

"I can use my HPC to wirelessly control my laptop!! imagine them looking i can have all the power of a PC in my hand" - Dante Facio

Both us here at HPC:Factor and the team at PocketDVD.ca were so impressed with the level of thought that many put into answering, that choosing just 5 from all the entries was proving difficult. So PocketDVD came to the rescue of the judges, and, we are exceptionally proud to announce, have offered us enough licenses of PocketDVD 1.1 so that everyone who entered the competition is a winner!!!

You heard right, everyone who entered the PocketDVD 1.1 competition at the beginning of the month is a winner! We will be sending out emails to all those who took part later today, so if you entered the competition, keep an eye out.
We would also like to extend a big thanks to PocketDVD for all their hard work and unparalleled generosity to us and to the community, and congratulations to all the winners!

Review: PocketDVD 1.1

View: PocketDVD.ca
Posted on 20 April 2005 at 00:00By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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