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The Formation of HPCFactor.com

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Posted 21 years ago | Press Release | Chris Tilley 0 comments

On March 7, 2003, a new and exciting site for the Handheld PC community came into being. This new site, HPCFactor.com, is a comprehensive, exclusive site to Handheld PC users who are seeking information on hardware, software, tutorials, review information and a place to contact other HPC users.

As the life of HPCFactor.com begins, we as the staff would like to give you some answers to some common questions that all of you may be asking.

The Staff: Who Are We?
The staff of HPCFactor.com is all former staff members of SimplyHPC.com. The staff members of HPCFactor.com are as follows:
Jeff Townsley, Webmaster
John Rubier, Webmaster, Community Message Center Administrator
Sean Fernstrum, Software Database Administrator
Chris Tilley, Editor, Windows CE 2.x devices and software
Clinton Fitch, Editor, Windows CE 3.x devices and software & Public Relations
Why Did We Leave SimplyHPC.com?
Truth-be-know, we didn’t want to leave. However, with several internal issues within the site, we all felt it would be best for us to leave and develop a true “HPC Community Center”.

What is the goal of HPCFactor.com?
Our goal is simple: Provide a comprehensive, user-friendly “Community Center” for Handheld PC users, OEMs and software manufactures. We want to provide a open environment where HPC users can contact the staff or other HPC users to find information, ideas, tips and solutions.

What is the roadmap for HPCFactor.com?
As you can imagine, our roadmap is very busy with many stopping points along the way. Our first priority is to get a Community Message Center up and running where HPC users can post questions and answers to each other and the staff. At the same time we will be bringing up content such as a software database, hardware and software reviews, news in the Handheld PC community, tutorials and several other areas. While we have no defined timeline, we are pushing very hard to get at least 50-75% of these areas up by June, 2003.

Who is your target audience?
Our target audience is people who use Handheld PC devices on a regular basis. We also want to provide an area for OEM’s and software manufactures to showcase their wares and offer information to the HPC community.

Any questions regarding HPCFactor.com should be directed to Clinton Fitch, Public Relations Manager.
Posted on 07 March 2003 at 00:00By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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