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Right of Way 1.08 Gets a Face Lift

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Posted 15 years ago | News | John Ottini 0 comments

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Well, the folks at DejaVu Software have decided to give their Mille Borne clone, Right of Way, a face lift. The cards in the HPC version have been redesigned to match the look of the cards in their iPhone and iPod version, unfortunately, the resolution on most HPC screens is no match for the high resolution found on the newer iPhone/iPod screens. I like the new card design, but because of the difference in screen resolutions the cards in the new version seem a bit blurry and difficult to read on the Handheld PC.

If you want to compare the two HPC versions (1.07 vs 1.08), have a look at the screen shots in Issue #45 (page 3) of the Handheld PC Newsletter. The newsletter is located in the Community Section or by using the Community Partners link (top right).

You can decide for yourself, but I prefer the older version. What do you think?

Note: If you want more information about this product, a software review of Right of Way version 1.07 is available in the Reviews Section.

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Posted on 05 January 2009 at 12:28By John Ottini (Hurricane John)

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