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nPOPuk 2.14 update now available

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Posted 14 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 3 comments

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A minor update of the nPOPuk mail client for Windows CE and Win32 has been released.

The main changes in the release are in the ability to use wildcards in the Find and Replace dialogs along with updates to the new SSL code to reflect changes to the main branch of the OpenSSL project from which nPOPuk's implementation stems. The SSL updates address a number of recently-found vulnerabilities, bringing the nPOPuk implementation up to date with the latest security fixes.

As usual, versions of nPOPuk are available for Windows CE 2.0 devices and higher as well as Pocket PC and the standard release of the host Win32 version.

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Posted on 25 March 2010 at 16:13By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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Rich Hawley's Avatar Rich Hawley 26 March 2010 3:15:53 AM
Nice to see someone still supporting older CE devices. For years and years I used Pop3 and SMTP protocols for my mail handling, but have gotten away from it with my HPCs only because when I'm on the road I can download my email and read it, but I can't send it oftentimes because of server rejection from the foreign host...

nPOPuk always had so many features and could be configured in so many ways, no wonder it is one of the mainstays in email programs.
raul's Avatar raul 30 March 2010 3:26:46 PM
There is no 2.14 version on the author website.
mscdex's Avatar mscdex 30 March 2010 4:01:59 PM
It shows up for me when going to the Downloads page on npopuk.org.uk.
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