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Windows CE Pegasus celebrates its 17th birthday

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Posted 10 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 3 comments

Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 Logo
Today marks the 17th birthday of Windows CE Pegasus, more commonly known as Windows CE 1.0.

Here in the UK at least, that makes the venerable operating system that is generally regarded as not having been much more than a public beta test old enough to drive... amongst other things... wouldn't want to encourage that type of thing now would we!

Sadly, Windows CE itself is getting closer and closer to being assigned to the recycle bin of history, but at least we can take some cheer from the milestone and look forward to the big 18 next year when mum and dad can finally kick it out of the house!

Happy birthday Windows CE 1.0.

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Posted on 17 November 2013 at 20:28By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 17 November 2013 9:31:16 PM
I think mum and dad (Microsoft) already has kicked it out of the house. :p
kurkosdr's Avatar kurkosdr 29 December 2013 12:14:48 PM
@ CE Geek

Not very accurate. Microsoft has made the decision that every consumer-facing device will run some kind of Windows NT, but Windows CE (aka Embedded Compact) will keep existing as a platform for barcode scanners and the like.
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 30 December 2013 11:49:07 AM
That depends upon the success for Windows Embedded and the continued miniaturisation of NT Kernel.

If they can kill the code base as a result of market demand, they will.
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