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10 Years of Banter

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Posted 9 years ago | Community | Chris Tilley 9 comments

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On this day in history... 10 years ago to the day in fact, we went live with the Handheld PC Community forums here on HPC:Factor.

10 years later, they are still here and, while perhaps not as busy as they once were, they are still being used - and more importantly they have withstood the barrage of spam attacks that the servers receive on a daily basis with only a minimum of bother for the community team.

It has been a long journey to this point, one that not many sites on the Internet have or indeed will ever reach. I am incredibly proud to be part of this community, a community that has fought to survive as the technology that it support has more or less fallen into obscurity.

We have seen many members come and go over the years; a few have remained with us throughout the journey and are still active on the site to this day. Other friends and comrades we have seen come and go have moved onto greener pastures, setup their own site and communities or just had to face the terrifying prospect of the bright and boundless horror or real life. In at least one case one of our members even found religion and left us for a life of solitude and reflective mediation in a temple... hopefully not a reflection on the stresses of being a HPC:Factor Moderator?

Not withstanding a few bumps along the way, I think that the community forums have had a positive impact on the site and community, one that I hope will continue to be so long into the future.

Happy Birthday!

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Posted on 18 September 2014 at 14:24By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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Chuck E's Avatar Chuck E 18 September 2014 6:01:00 PM
I for one plan to increase the quality time I spend with my HPCs rather than retire them. The Handheld PC Community Forums have always been there with helpful advice. I feel privileged to be a member. Thanks to everyone for all the information and resources!

Chuck Ermatinger
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 19 September 2014 6:00:50 AM
I can't believe I've been here over nine of the ten years - the last seven as a moderator. (Oh, and C:Amie, when has this site been attacked by spas? :p )
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 19 September 2014 8:20:15 PM
Darn auto correct on my phone. It wanted to change every word :P

But seriously, community. You have to listen. The blight of spa on human attacks by wild, corporate funded spa's has got to end. Did you know that every year over 1,000,000 people are killed in spa attacks world wide? No? The government doesn't want you to know, Big Spa pay them off so that they keep the truth from you.

Open your eyes, see the truth. Say no to Spas!
MobilePro Master's Avatar MobilePro Master 18 October 2014 6:03:31 AM
Just letting you guys know that I still exist, and I still have my collection! Nostalgia tripping hard right now. I've been part of a lot of communities, but this was one of the first.
Yoldering's Avatar Yoldering 22 October 2014 11:54:47 AM
Happy Belated Birthday! I miss Snappy!
Jake's Avatar Jake 07 November 2014 11:07:26 PM
I was recently poking around on the Linux Jolicloud site and saw that they once proudly boasted of their touch screen compatibility, including models "Jornada 6** and 7**"

An honor, to be sure, and while Jolicloud couldn't be run on a Jornada, and while Jolicloud is no longer in OS development, it's still a testament to HPCs. People never understood us, but that didn't mean they didn't like us.

C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 21 January 2015 10:50:44 PM
I miss Snappy! too :(
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 22 January 2015 11:15:26 AM
We all do. As a moderator, he was, like, the opposite of his username - quite easygoing, anything but snappy (and I've seen lots of snappy mods on lots of forum sites). :)
Gabriele_MK_08's Avatar Gabriele_MK_08 03 August 2017 10:31:18 AM
I'm late but...I'm happy for this!
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