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PocketDOS is available to buy once again

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Posted 1 year ago | News | Chris Tilley 6 comments

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There has been quite a lot of talk over the last few years surrounding the "are they, aren't they" status of the PocketDOS company closing shop. Over the last couple of days we have been heartened to welcome the founder and developer of XT-CE/PocketDOS to the site. He has been sharing his thoughts and reflections on the product along with some interesting insights on the community forums.

PocketDOS is a x86 emulator for SH3, SH4, MIPS and ARM based Handheld PC, Palm-Size PC and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices. Compatible with all Handheld PC's from Windows CE 1.0 onwards it allows you to natively run DOS and DOS apps on your PDA. By default, PocketDOS can emulate a 086, 186 or 286 compatible PC, while third-party extensions are available that attempt to emulate 486 compatibility.

As many will know, there have been issues for many years with their shopping cart and checkout provider's service. Issues that have led many to conclude that the application had been abandoned and that the company would imminently wind down. We are very pleased to be able to state that PocketDOS are not planning on going offline in the medium-term and remain keen to continue selling the software to the community.

It must be acknowledged that that the PocketDOS company has no intention to resume active development on the app, however, for those who wish to obtain it, as of this morning, you can now do so directly via the ordering page on pocketdos.com. Purchases can now be made using PayPal as the direct payment method rather than going via any third party payments processor which should alleviate the stresses and concerns that interested consumers have experienced over the last few years.

We encourage you to continue to show your support to PocketDOS by purchasing the app directly and do not forget to let us know what creative uses you have for running DOS on your H/PC in the community forums!

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Posted on 12 September 2021 at 10:04By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

Comments on this article

dl1av's Avatar dl1av 13 September 2021 8:26:29 PM
Perfect new service by the author of this software. Collector-friendly licensing model. Worth every penny :)
jorel101's Avatar jorel101 15 September 2021 3:17:22 AM
Wonderful news. :)
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 16 September 2021 9:17:55 AM
I encourage everyone to show your support for any and all companies still selling to our community.
This is very much a case of use it, or lose it. As has been pointed out, you can use your license on up to 5 devices same/cross-architecture at a time. This makes it great value for money.
cuteascii1's Avatar cuteascii1 27 September 2021 3:42:34 PM
Big thank you to devs like the PocketDOS dev for continuing to sell their software!
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 30 October 2021 11:46:34 AM
**** Update ****
PayPal graciously decided to suspend the PocketDOS PayPal account, essentially with the unchallengeable "final decision" that PocketDOS were most likely pirating their own software.

Glorious own-goal PayPal, just another example of corporate stupidity in the face of unchallengeable, invisible, private judicial processes.

For anyone still looking to buy PocketDOS, you can still do so. Please drop PocketDOS a PM via https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/profile/PocketDOS to arrange for payment via personal PayPal instead of PayPal for business.
archival36's Avatar archival36 17 January 2022 5:28:49 PM
I emailed puchase@pocketdos.com

No response from them.. I’m trying to get my A-20’s registration.. I bought it originally for my A-11
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