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Developer Focus: Henri Spagnolo

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Posted 2 years ago | News | Chris Tilley 6 comments

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A name that any veteran of the Windows CE community will instantly recognise. Henri Spagnolo aka HPC:Factor member Henri was the creator of the legendary Jornada 700 series site Handheld Attitude - which remains online to this day!

In addition to being a core member of the Handheld PC website community, Henri also developed several useful applications for ARM and MIPS based Windows CE 3.0 and higher devices that can still be acquired directly from his website.

j7xxmenu is a launcher and partial shell replacement for HVGA Handheld PCs. The app allows you to organise files, programs, links and documents into tabbed screens that enable app launching via simple keyboard shortcuts, making launching and navigation faster than by using a combination of the Start Menu and Windows CE Explorer.
Read our Review: j7xxMenu 1.2

j7xx multispell
Multispell is a config utility that allows you to switch the language of the Pocket Word spell checker dictionary file.

Keys is a hot key manager that allows you to assign files, folders and control panel applets to global keyboard shortcuts (with Win, Control, Shift or Alt modifiers).

As the name suggests, poker is a Poker card game app.

Last, but certainly not least, j7xxutil is a task bar launcher and Swiss-army knife shortcut utility. Operating from a single tray icon it allows you to access functionality such as turning the display off, rebooting, adjusting the volume and more from a single location, with a single tap.
See our Review: j7xxUtil 1.2

All of Henri's apps are either free, or are available to purchase as shareware through PayPal via the links on the application pages in the "My programs" section of the Handheld Attitude website. As always, if you like the app, please support our developers by purchasing a license if you are able to do so.
Posted on 02 March 2022 at 16:34By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

Comments on this article

archival36's Avatar archival36 02 March 2022 5:18:22 PM
This is good news, and makes me want to buy a Jornada 7xx; I had a J680 in the past.
Jake's Avatar Jake 05 March 2022 4:00:09 AM
I've corresponded with Henri since the early 2000's. He's a fine developer and even finer person. Equably notable is his work with Psion--he's written original and intuitive software.

I'm so glad to see him getting mention here.

C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 05 March 2022 11:51:05 AM
I agree. Henri is missed in the community.
joval's Avatar joval 08 April 2022 5:08:16 PM
Thanks for the nice review/reminder. I used to visit his site often back in 2007 for downloads and "how to's."

The Jxxxutil program appears to something I can use in "WinCE mode" with soft reset. I wonder if there is a command to turn off wifi and/or pcmcia card... would be a very nice option for saving battery power without physically ejecting the card and its wear and tear.

Jake, think he could add such a feature???

Poker program might be empowering!

joval via a J720+LED upgrade/Devuan/WPA/SSH/RasPi4/Firefox
Jake's Avatar Jake 08 April 2022 7:44:07 PM
joval, have you seen this?


Through Run, it works on a small array of cards.

Henri's Avatar Henri 05 October 2022 10:43:37 AM
Hi All,

And thanks Chris for this article and reminder, this is appreciated. Handheld attitude will remain live as long as I can even if I do not updated it anymore.

Concerning my applications, if someone wants a licence, he can simply returns me the generated key and I will send back a free registration code.

All the best and regards
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