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23 February 2004

News: CE 4's so yesterday. Lets talk CE 5
Macallan, yes in the inexorable plod of development at Microsoft. That is the codename of Windows CE 5.0.
CE 5, has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Originally scheduled to be released by the end of this year. It's now looking more likely that Macallan wont make an appearance until the first half of 2005. From this point in we will start hearing more on 5, which will have very close ties with the next version of Windows so named Longhorn.
These two technologies will be used to compliment each other in new ways that aim to improve our overall IT lives. Perhaps of the most interest at this time is the promise of a radically reworked memory and storage system in CE5, which theoretically could mean the completion of a promise made by the original Pegasus team!

To find out more about CE 5, as well as the History of Windows CE, take a look at the exclusively compiled & extensively reworked HPC:Factor CE timeline.
View: Windows CE Timeline
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