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02 July 2004

News: Yahtzee a la H/PC
Not all Handheld PC users start with Windows CE. Some of our most prestigious developers and community webmasters started over in the Psion community. I'm pleased to say that we now have a new name, who with a little help has just released his first application.

A Yahtzee clone got Handheld PC Pro and HPC2000. SYatzee 1.1 has been released by Jean-Michel Frouin as freeware for the H/PC. The English language release is compact at 28KB and is available for StrongArm, MIPS, SH3 and SH4 processors.

We at HPC:Factor look forward to seeing more applications developed by Jean-Michel (aka Snoogie) in the future. Who, as a long term Yahtzee buff will proudly admit "I think that a yatzee game is better without graphics".
At 28KB, and developed in under 12 hours. We'd have to agree!
View: JMF Soft
Link URL: http://snoogie.free.fr/SYatzee.php

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