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14 July 2004

News: Jean-Michel Frouin's STweaker2004
New C developers in the community are hard to find. Ones that don't need any encouragement to get coding even harder. New developer Jean-Michel Frouin's taken up the challenge and has been busily developing constantly since we first showed him the SDKs.

His latest creation, still undergoing constant development is STweaker2004. STweaker is a utility application for making ad-hock changes to the system registry of not only HPC2000 devices but also of H/PC Pro. The current public release is version 1.15, however HPC:Factor has been assisting in the development of the program and have seen 1.20 releases. We can safely say that there is an awful lot more still to come!
At this time STweaker2004 is being released as 'in development' freeware. All Jean-Michel asks is that you contact him with the models of devices that the program successfully works with.
View: JMF Soft
Link URL: http://snoogie.free.fr/STweaker2004.php

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