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31 July 2004

News: PhatWare HPC Notes
With PhatWare recently upgrading it's entire HPC Notes range into PhatNotes and subsequently releasing an upgrade to version 4.5.1 for all Pocket PC HPC Notes / PhatNotes users. The Handheld PC community may be forgiven for thinking that PhatWare have completely dropped HPC Notes for the Handheld PC.

This is far from the case. Handheld PC users can still purchase HPC Notes from PhatWare. When we contacted PhatWare, their usual fast, efficient and extremely helpful sales and support team jumped right in...
"...all Handheld PC users can still buy HPC Notes 4.3, no problem, for as long as version 4.x is available!
All they need to do is to contact us for a free trial copy, downloadable from our FTP site. If they like it, they can purchase a corresponding Edition of PhatNotes and use the registration key to register their copy of HPC Notes. We did change the product name, but it is still version 4.x, so registration keys work for both PhatNotes and HPC Notes."

This is good news for Handheld PC users eager to add Microsoft Outlook Notes synchronisation to their Handheld PC arsenal. You can download the trial versions of the three HPC Notes suites below.

Download: HPC Notes Light Trial
Download: HPC Notes Standard Trial
Download: HPC Notes Professional Trial
View: PhatWare
Link URL: http://www.phatware.com/

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