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13 August 2004

News: HPC:Factor & Hurricane Charley
You may be aware that HPC:Factor's main servers are hosted by our very own John Rubier in Florida. As you may know. Weather services are currently reporting what could potentially be the largest hurricane in the past 100 years is starting to make landfall off of the Floridian Gulf coast.

As a result of the volatility of the weather system users may find that HPC:Factor is off-line for some periods tonight and possibly over the weekend.
If this happens, fear not we will be back on-line as soon as is possible. In the mean time please visit our excellent community partners Handheld Addict and Handheld Attitude for uninterrupted information on the H/PC as well as updates on the site situation should any problems arise.

For our users in Florida, as well as John. Some sensible advice... Hold onto your hat!

Track Hurricane Charley: US National Weather Service
Link URL: http://www.noaa.gov/

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