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20 September 2004

News: The Forums are now on-line
The HPC:Factor team are proud to announce the immediate availability of our own Forum and Bulletin Board System.

The Forum is a free service provided to the entire Handheld PC community. The aim of which is to provide an environment in which users can ask questions and get support on Handheld PC devices, as well as kickback, relax and chat with other H/PC users.

We aim to use the forums as our primary technical support outlet. Since we stopped taking e-mail support requests back in July 2003 many users have wondered where to go. Well now you can head right for the forums!
Registration is free and naturally confidential. We take the security of all our users information very seriously. If you want to have a look around before joining us, that's fine. Anonymous posting has been enabled in some forum topics so that you can get a feel for the system.

In the mean time, welcome to the boards. We hope you enjoy your stay.

HPC:Factor Team
View: Forums
Link URL: https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/

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