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21 September 2004

News: Wodeon 1.6 released
Wodeon? you ask.
This is a little gem of the H/PC that sadly has a rather low profile.

Wodeon is a freeware application created by Japanese developer omiokone. Wodeon is a MPEG 1 viewer application, which impressively will operate under any Windows CE device. Including CE1 (with restrictions), CE2, HPC Pro, HPC2000 and beyond.
Wodeon supports an array of display modes. From the earliest 4 tone mono displays right up to today's 16-bit high colour device. The distribution includes all of the usual processor binaries, including SH4 and is completely open source.

Best of all, unlike other Handheld PC video applications, the installation footprint is a most impressive 50KB. An amazing accomplishment. New additions to the 1.6 release are a seek bar and playlist support.
View: wodeon
Link URL: http://www.geocities.jp/omiokone/wodeon/indexE.htm

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