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06 March 2005

News: CEWindows.net becomes PocketPCFAQ
It is a sign of the times that in a surprising (but not all that illogical) move Windows CE guru Chris De Herrera has decided to rename the illustrious and respected CEWindows.net to Pocket PC FAQ.

The moves comes in an increasing climate where Microsoft are pushing people away from associating Windows CE with Windows Mobile devices. Instead the marketers in Redmond and drawing a firm, clear line between its consumer orientated - partner controlled "platform division" and the industrial, mobile solutions developer orientated Windows CE.

The name change, again in the space of a week marks the wide spread changes to the essence of the Microsoft mobile devices community. When CEWindows.net first appeared on the cewindows.net domain in October of 1998, the Handheld PC platform was still at the gravitational centre of the Windows CE world, and details on the new Windows CE Jupiter - to later be known as Handheld PC 3.0 Professional - were the talk of mobile device staples across the Internet.

The cewindows.net domain will remain active for at least another month, with all content having already been moved over to pocketpcfac.com using the same directory and filenames for documents.
View: Pocket PC FAQ
Link URL: http://www.pocketpcfaq.com/

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