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21 May 2005

News: Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) v3.1
The HPC:Factor exclusive Hardware Compatibility List or HCL, which contains information on compatible hardware devices for all Handheld PC versions as well as downloads and notes has been updated.

The new version of the HCL, v3.1 new includes our long promised form factor icons, making it easier to spot whether a add-on device is a Compact Flash or PC Card (PCMCIA) type, making it even easier to find the correct device for your needs.
The updated revision also provides some general enhancements and bug fixes over the previous release.

The HCL is maintained by HPC:Factor for the benefit of the entire community. It is free to use for any visitor to the site, and we greatly welcome your input on both how to make the HCL resource better and on your compatibility experiences with add-on devices.
View: Hardware Compatibility List v3.1
Link URL: https://www.hpcfactor.com/qlink/?linkID=10

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