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23 May 2005

News: Gamefreaks releases Doom Legacy Port for Windows CE
Gamefreaks, the UK creators of the popular HPC Doom and HPC Quake ports of the id software classics have released a new version of the Doom / Heretic client.

Doom Legacy for Windows CE is a port of the Open Source, and greatly improved Doom daemon, based on the original id software source. The new release is considered a Beta version, and does still contain numerous and noticeable issues. As it is a fully open source program, the software engine is free for SH3, MIPS and ARM users, while in order to play the original Doom games you will need a license of the all important id WAD file.
Example, license free WAD files are included with the download, which can be launched from the command line.

Doom Legacy promises to be an interesting release, and one which will hopefully sort out the many existing issues with Doom on Windows CE.
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Link URL: http://home.freeuk.com/gamefreaks/pql/

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