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23 May 2005

News: Home of the Simpad CE 4.2 upgrade updated
mullengers.org, the website of Simon Mullenger which offers owners of SIMpad CL4, SL4, SLC and T-Sinus have been redesigned and updated.

The unofficial Windows CE 4.2 port to the Simpad range is a significant one for existing users as it opens up a broader array of hardware and software support, as well as future proofing to the largely unpopular CE 4.1 models. Users may also benefit as the Simpad - designed as a web tablet and not a standard PDA can benefit significantly from the Windows CE 4.2 Internet Explorer 6.0 release. The Mullenger ROM image was only recently updated to reflect bug fixes and performance enhancement, and while many stand to gain from the release, it is also not the easiest process to obtain the updates.
View: Mullengers.org
Link URL: http://www.mullengers.com/

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