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12 July 2005

News: Data Evolution delays the Clio NXT And Cathena
After months of concerned speculation from mobile device pundits, ourselves included. Data Evolution have finally issued a statement to the press on the progress of its long running, near mythological desktop companion device, the Clio NXT. The NXT, which is older than Windows Mobile in terms of development planning time, along with its sister device the Cathena clamshell laptop replacement have now both been delayed until the Autumn of 2005.

Citing engineering delays in the hardware specification, Data Evolution CEO Robert Sowah goes on to explain the current delays were behind the companies withdrawal from the US National Education Computing Conference, at which the Clio NXT was due to make its debut appearance on the consumer stage.
View: Data Evolution Press Release
Link URL: http://www.dataevolution.com/pressRelease.php?in_press_release_id=21

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