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13 July 2005

News: SoftMaker heading back to the lab
SoftMaker GmbH, creators of the multi-award winning TextMaker and PlanMaker office productivity applications are once again getting ready to head back to the development lab, and once again expand their product range with an all new application designed to not only replace, but better its Microsoft Office counterpart.

Widely anticipated to be named DataMaker, SoftMaker are moving into the realm of Relational databases, with a software released aimed squarely at Microsoft Access. Martin Kotulla, head of Public Relations for SoftMaker told us
"The new DataMaker is an ODBC- and ADO-compatible database application, similar to Access 2003 but without the intricate programming. You can open and create databases and tables, create forms, lists, reports, labels etc. without programming, set up relations between databases, add calculated fields etc."

We can report that DataMaker as a program has been on the cards for nearly two years now, with an existing legacy application by the same name having been released exclusively to the German market by SoftMaker in the 1990's.
With the confirmation that SoftMaker are heading back in search of their goal to produce a comprehensive, affordable Microsoft Office replacement, there now comes a period where SoftMaker must consider on which platforms to place its resources.
When we asked Herr Kotulla what platforms he expected DataMaker to be released on, he could only conclusively tell us that it would support mainstream Windows OS's, leaving the chances of a H/PC release wide open.
As ever, if you would like to register your support for a H/PC release, SoftMaker always like to hear from users. You can get in touch with them via the SoftMaker website.
View: SoftMaker GmbH
Link URL: http://www.softmaker.com/

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