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01 August 2005

Review: Mullenger's Windows CE .net 4.2 ROM upgrade for the SIMpad
Most SIMpad users will revel in the liberal licensing conditions that exist around SIMpad ROM's. Users can move between HPC2000, CE 4.0, CE 4.1 and SIM Linux in both English and German languages at will. All as part of the license for the SIMpad hardware.

Windows CE 4.2, however, is the release considered by most where Microsoft finally got Windows CE .net 'right'. Siemens withdrew the line before the 4.2 release from Microsoft, and most at that time considered the SIMpad to be finalised. Most, but notl Simon Mullenger. Simon's British company Mullenger released a Windows CE Net 4.2 ROM image offering a new lease of life to the Gigaset line.
Over the past year Simon has been honing the release, fixing some of the more notorious bugs seen in the existing CE 4 ROM images, adding new features and perfecting the product.
Guest reviewer Andreas Stürmer provides a glimpse into the ROM upgrade, to see if it is really worth the update.
View: Mullenger's Windows CE 4.2 ROM upgrade
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