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03 October 2005

News: Handheld Underground mammoth update!
Tari Akpodiete; H/PC Multimedia Evangelist has been busy working on another one of her near legendary 'en masse' updates to Handheld Underground.

Handheld Underground is the Handheld PC communities mobile entertainment site, with a focus on all things entertainment, audio and video.
When speaking with HPC:Factor earlier today Tari told us "There has been slight alteration to the layout and a subtle update of the navigation, both of which should better facilitate viewing on H/PC's The Links page has been updated with several new friends, including John Ottini's Handheld News, now the only HPC publication. 40 new movie trailers (135 meg) have been added and there are 250 new wallpapers so that there are
now about 1650 of them, including ones from the cover of David Weber's Honor Harrington series (artwork by David Mattingly). Speaking of Honor Harrington: The Baen Free Library gave away 10 of the Honorverse titles for free, so I have added them to the MobiPocketReader ebooks download section."
View: Handheld Underground
Link URL: http://www.handheldunderground.com/

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