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02 December 2005

Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 Logo News: Lost & Found: Microsoft Pocket Automap Streets 1.0 (1997)
When the Handheld PC was all but a few months old, Microsoft released a 'feature' application for the original Pegasus platform. The idea was to integrate the Autoroute / Automap host application with a scaled down counterpart viewer of the Handheld PC.

Most people are only aware of this application under it's v2.0 guise - Pocket Streets 1998, however there was a CE 1 release. We have never been able to locate the elusive Pocket Automap Streets 1.0, as it was only ever made available on the original H/PC Explorer 1.0 CD, and as a limited pressing against Office 97 Small Business Edition... that was until HPC:Factor Forum users started looking!

We are pleased to announce, that with the help of Gecko Slayer, we have made the 1997 release available for download for nostalgia purposes, along with a number of the original sample maps.
View: Pocket Automap Streets
Link URL: https://www.hpcfactor.com/qlink/?linkID=134

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