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05 December 2005

Compact Flash Association Logo News: Compact Flash: The devil's in the detail
Since the Victorian fascination with standardisation, there has been a constant spate of people who just plain refuse to follow suit and do as everyone else does. This is certainly the case in the IT world, where often it is the case that rivalling standards are battling it out to become the next big thing.

It should come as some surprise then, that even in a world where there is a single standard such as the Compact Flash standard, some unlikely people can be seen bucking the trend and going it alone.
In an official document on the Compact Flash Association (CFA) website, a list is maintained of certified H/PC and PsPC / PPC's. Out of the 165 listed devices, updated as recently as this September, there are a few surprisingly absent names.

So what can we learn from this? Well, if nothing else. Jornada 700 series users can, at least, take solace in the fact that the CFA frowned upon the use of the Type I CF socket running Type II hardware. Other than that. It makes for a nice statistic.
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