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18 September 2006

HPC:factor v2.0 Logo Community: HPC:Factor H/PC Community Forums: 2 Years and Counting
On the 18th of September 2004 the first public post in the HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Forums was made. Since that time another 56,600 posts by over 2,500 registered users have been made as well as countless posts by welcome guests to the site.

In the last two years we have seen users come and go. We have experienced some trials at the hands some very persistent Spammers along with some tribulations; who could forget the time-out of death that plagued the late HPC:Factor v1 and early v2 forums. Through it all - and with the help of some creative programming - the forum has continued to grow inexorably, just as has HPC:Factor itself, demonstrating conclusively that the Handheld PC community, and its collective, caring spirit is anything but dead.

So as the clock ticks over and we begin our third year, we urge you all to keep on doing what you do; keep on making the Handheld PC community great!
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