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15 June 2009

PC World Logo News: The 10 Dumbest Tech Products So Far
New Coke. Chia pets. Ashton Kutcher. All are bad ideas that should have been snuffed out before they emerged into public consciousness. All are things that make you scratch your head and say, "What in God's name were they thinking?"

In a highly opinionated and at times curious look at the worst technology ideas of the information systems era, PC World's Dan Tynan lists the "top 10" worst technology inventions of all time. After some frankly wacky ideas and the Nokia N-Gage, Handheld PC fans may find Mr. Tynan's second worst technology of all time somewhat hard to swallow, particularly as he has chosen to use our very own Chris Tilley as justification for his argument.

Enjoy the read (or the pain) and remember; we didn't write it!
View: The 10 Dumbest Tech Products So Far
Link URL: http://www.pcworld.com/article/165546/the_10_dumbest_tech_products_so_far.html

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