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10 November 2013

Alpaxo Software Logo News: Quackenchat 0.5.2 goes Open Source
Alpaxo Software's Quackenchat IRC client has been released into the public domain by one of its authors.

Originally written by Kirk Meyer and Michael Vincent, Michael has contacted HPC:Factor to make the source code of the program available to the community so that it can be serviced or developed further.

The source code can be obtained directly from the Quackenchat listing in the Software Compatibility List (The SCL's first listing), along with the binaries for the program.

Quackenchat is compiled in Embedded Visual Basic 3.0, making the program compatible with Windows CE 2.11 or higher.

Our thanks to Michael for changing the licensing terms of the program and for ensuring that their hard work is not lost to the community.
View: Quackenchat 0.5.2
Link URL: https://www.hpcfactor.com/scl/details.asp?id=1

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