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18 November 2015

Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 Logo News: Windows CE's 19th Birthday
Yesterday, Windows CE celebrated its 19th birthday. From its 1996 origins to its more recent demise. The operating system can if nothing else be credited for the creation of this community and the bringing together of its many thousands of users over the last 15 years.

Many have come and gone, some are new and a small few have stayed throughout, yet what bound them together was that they all saw something useful, a utility in these classic Windows CE devices.

It would be wrong to suggest that these devices are much more than a novelty here at the tail end of 2015, but at the dawn of its 20th year, this site and the community (unlike Microsoft) stand as a testament to the platforms moment in the sun.

Happy birthday Windows CE.
View: Windows CE's oldest impression on Archive.org
Link URL: http://wayback.archive.org/web/19990203174011/http://www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSCE/DEFAULT.ASP

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