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18 November 2016

Microsoft Logo News: Windows CE's 20th Birthday
On the 16th of November 1996, Windows CE was officially released to the world. Which means that overnight Windows CE celebrated its 20th birthday.

The sad thing is that it would seem that even Microsoft have forgotten the milestone as a quick search around reveals that the occasion has gone unnoticed.

With the operating system now forgotten as it is, it is easy to forget that for nearly 16 of those 20 years, Windows CE was the core of the Microsoft Embedded Platforms product-line for both commercial and consumer device right up to and including Windows Phone 7 in 2012. When it was finally usurped by Windows NT in Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Embedded line fizzled out after the release of Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (although technically you can still purchase Windows Embedded Compact 2013).

So from the people behind the last place left standing in the Windows CE Community -- A very happy birthday Windows CE.
View: History of Windows CE
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