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18 November 2017

Microsoft Logo News: Windows CE comes of age
In a milestone more significant for our American visitors, that some other parts of the world. Windows CE has turned 21 this week. Originally debuting at the 1996 Computer Dealers' Exhibition (Comdex) in Las Vegas. Microsoft played with the formula through the Handheld PC, Palm-size PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone and purely enterprise embedded appliance paradigms before abandoning the code base entirely after the release of (what would have technically been) Windows CE 8.0 in June 2013.

Hopefully someone in Microsoft has noted the occasion this week, perhaps even a silent tribute has been raised to our fallen friend?

21 years later, you're still here, reading this. So it must still count for something, even if there isn't much else going on in the Windows CE community in 2017.

Happy Birthday Windows Pegasus.
View: History of Windows CE
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