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12 September 2003

News: SoftMaker to release Excel replacement but not for H/PC's
SoftMaker, creators of TextMaker are currently developing a spreadsheet applications for Host systems and mobile devices called PlanMaker. PlanMaker will boast a rich feature set including:

  • Microsoft Excel 5 - 2003 compatibility

  • 300+ Worksheet Functions

  • Chart & Graph support

  • Drawing and Flowchart capabilities

  • Outliner

  • Password Protection

  • Multilevel, unlimited Undo / Redo

  • Multi-language Spellchecker with hyphenation

While this is exciting news for Spread Sheet users who are restricted by the failings of Pocket Excel. The unfortunate news is that SoftMaker have not decided if they are to release a Handheld PC build.

It is likely that SoftMaker are stalling their decision over their estimated sales volume. We would ask anyone who would be interested in this application to get in touch with SoftMaker and request a H/PC 2.x and above version. You can contact them at info@softmaker.de.
View: PlanMaker
Link URL: http://www.softmaker.de/

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