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Reviews & Editorials Artwork

Almost all content that gets presented in the Reviews & Editorial section is complimented with coverage on the home page of HPC:Factor. That has always meant that some form of show-case graphic was required to highlight and entertain users on the presence of the new review content.

This page lists chronologically most of the surviving artwork graphics (sadly many of them have not survived) which have been used on the HPC:Factor home page. So we present to you the good, the bad and the ugly!


HPC:Factor Version 2.0

22nd June 2009

Review: Mikko Kankainen CanTris 091002

5th January 2009

Review: Case Logic HDC-3 Hard Drive Case

27th December 2008

Flashback Review: Intermec 6651

17th November 2008

Review: KSE Backgammon 2.01

13th October 2008

Review: Contec FlexLAN DS110 802.11b

1st September 2008

Review: Ilium Software Keep Track 2.0

18th August 2008

Review: Flashback: NEC MobilePro 880

23rd June 2008

Review: Vaja UMPC Case

14th June 2008

Review: HTC Advantage X7510

16th March 2008

Review: Bye Design Ltd SpreadCE 2.02

8th October 2007

Review: Field Software Maze Craze 1.15

6th August 2007

Review: Synctel Software Palm Chess 2.0.3

9th July 2007

Review: SoftMaker Office 2006

4th June 2007

Review: Linksys WPC11 v3.0 (Usedhandhelds.com)

21st May 2007

Review: NEC MobilePro 900C (UsedHandhelds.com)

7th May 2007

Review: Yeldnat Converter 1.0b

23rd April 2007

Review: Quackenchat 0.5.2

26th March 2007

Review: UsedHandhelds.com "The Great Handheld PC Software & Resource CD"

26th February 2007

Editorial: HPC:Factor Top-10 2006-2007 - Clinton Fitch

16th February 2007

Review: DejaVu Software Right of Way 1.07

5th February 2007

Review: DejaVu Software Right of Way 1.07

22nd January 2007

25th December 2006

13th November 2006

11th September 2006

28th August 2006

21st August 2006

17th July 2006

26th June 2006

1st May 2006

27th March 2006

20th March 2006

13th March 2006

20th February 2006

14th February 2006


HPC:Factor Version 1

26th September 2005

19th September 2005

29th August 2005

1st August 2005

25th July 2005

18th July 2005

30th June 2005

30th June 2005

20th June 2005

9th May 2005

30th April 2005

11th April 2005

23rd March 2005

1st March 2005

21st February 2005

24th January 2005

10th January 2005

28th June 2005

30th May 2005

14th March 2005

27th December 2004

13th December 2004

22nd November 2004

10th November 2004

24th August 2004

22nd August 2004

7th July 2004

7th February 2004